Friday, February 1, 2013

Updated Series 7 Exam Material

Just a quick word on how we make sure we keep our series 7 exam prep material updated:

  1. Pass the 7 ExamCram Online Test Prep questions are updated/improved throughout the year
  2. Pass the 7 textbook is updated each year.
  3. Pass the 7 DVD set is updated either each year or as-needed.
  4. Pass the 7 Audio CD lectures were just updated for 2013
How important is it that you have the most "up to date"  Series 7 material?
Nowhere near as much as most people think, since the exam tends to ask the same old questions for decades--yes, a few details change each year in the industry, but, by and large, the Series 7 does not need to change its questions to any great extent. Covered calls have worked the same way since I've been teaching this stuff--same for bond yields, sell-stops, margin accounts, and probably 96% of what anybody needs to know for the test. Still, folks want to feel they have the most updated materials, so we do what we can, as listed above. Pass Your Series 7

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