Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who Has the Best Series 7 Sample Questions?

There are SO many urban legends connected to the Series 7 it makes my head hurt sometimes. One of the most popular is that some vendors have "actual test questions" in their possession. This is absurd on its face because even if Company XYZ had those questions, all other vendors would simply order the materials and eliminate any advantage--also the national pass rate would rise to about, oh, 100%, right?. One would also have to be unaware of a current FINRA lawsuit trying to punish and stop a vendor in this industry from taking exams for the purpose of memorizing test questions. Finally, one would have to assume that the Series 7 wants you to memorize endless factoids and simply spit back the most current/updated version of those facts.
Another shaky assumption is that since the exam is hard, the best questions are the "really hard ones," right?
IDK--what does a "hard question" look like? Is it really hard to read? Does it have 5 or 6 negative words in it? If so--that company has no idea what your test looks like. Are the questions 500 words long? Same deal. The actual Series 7 exam will expect  you to know your vocabulary terms very well, but it will go much further than that--you will be forced to figure out the right answer more often than not. The questions will usually seem unfamiliar on first read; your job is to take the facts and eliminate the wrong answer choices. Some of your questions will be lay-ups, but most will force you to think creatively and on-your-feet. If you can do that and get 3 of every 4 questions right, you will be done with this ordeal. If not, you'll have to try again in 30 days or so.
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  1. while there are at least two vendors with solid Series 7 questions, I put ours up there against any. I also encourage you to use two or three sets of questions. www.passthe7.com/exams.htm

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  3. yes, please use this one: webinar

  4. Hi Robert, I am studying your Pass the 7 book and have download most of your training classes in preparation for my test next Wednesday. I am taking tons of practice tests on the Solomon Exam Prep website. Are your exam questions any different/better than theirs is? They use your books for the study material in their courses.

    Luke Griffin

  5. I have only glanced at some of their Series 65 questions, and they looked like they were touching on the right testable points. Completely different batch of questions from what we create and sell at www.passthe7.com/exams.htm. It would be good to have both sets of questions. They use our book only--all other products at www.passthe7.com are found only there.

    1. Okay. Any discount codes i can use on the test bank? I am taking the 66 next and will be using your complete package for that test.

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