Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Series 7 Online Classes Starting Soon

It has come to my attention that most people studying for the Series 7 could use a little help from a structured class. They need a schedule to stick to. They need a time and a place they have to be, or else. That's why we've set up a seven-week online class schedule launching September 10th allowing you to take in key Series 7 information in small, digestible bites. With the ability to watch the material again if you need, and--best of all--to participate in live Q & A sessions with the author of Pass the 7, me.

Classes will run two or three times a week at 12 noon Central for about 90 minutes. The final 30 minutes will be the live Q & A with the author, me, R Walker. To see the schedule and get on the bus, please click this link:


Examzone and www.passthe7.com are one-in-the-same, by the way. Examzone focuses more on corporate accounts while www.passthe7.com focuses on the end-user. Either way, hope to see you online, soon.

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