Wednesday, October 9, 2013

But, How Do I Take the Series 7 Exam Itself?

Any textbook worth its salt lists the terminology tested on your exam. Most explain most of the main concepts reasonably well, depending on how much time you have for re-reading and highlighting.

Regardless, what few vendors do is show you how to take the series 7 exam itself--how to deal with the challenging questions. How do you take all those words and numbers you memorized and apply them to questions that are often trying to mislead you?

If you need help working practice and exam questions for the Series 7, you simply have to get our $49 access to test-taking skills lessons. For just $49, you get access to over 25 recording sessions that break down 10 unique practice questions step-by-step. Hit PAUSE to do the question. Hit PLAY to watch us break it down for you.

Need Help with Series 7 Exam Questions?