Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a book

Broker-dealers often provide study materials "free of charge" to those taking the Series 7. Many exam candidates are unhappy with what they've been provided, or they feel they could use more clarification of key points. Some people just want to read the Series 7 material in a language they are more familiar with--English.

Remember that you can still buy the Pass the 7 book at the link below, even if your firm already provided you with materials. I'm not even implying that there's something wrong with the other vendors' materials. It's just that when you're studying for something as massive and difficult as the Series 7, you can probably use all the extra help you can get.

Since most Series 7 candidates are on a tight budget, I can help you save 21% with this coupon code: blog10. To check out and maybe buy the Pass the 7 book, please click on:

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