Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can I reschedule my exam?

Exam candidates often get confused about if and how they can reschedule their exam. Now, if your firm says you can't reschedule, then that's the end of that issue. But, if you have the flexibility to take the test only when you feel ready to pass it, you can definitely reschedule your exam by telephone or through the testing center's website. Why would you reschedule your test? How about because you would rather push it back 1 week yourself than have it pushed back 30 days through a failing grade. Right? While it's nice to "get it all over with," it's a bad call to take the test unprepared and end up failing and having to wait 30 days. It's like speeding to get to an appointment--if you get in a wreck or get a ticket, you won't make the appointment at all. We will have a GoNoGo exam soon for Series 7--check the home page and look for "Am I ready to take my exam?" These scores will give you an idea of your readiness. Or maybe you already know you're not quite ready. If so, you can reschedule without losing your testing fees if you do so by noon two business days before your test. As FINRA just sent to me by email, you can reschedule as follows:

If appointment is scheduled for Monday, cancellation must be made no later than noon on Thursday of the preceding week. If the appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, cancellation must be made no later than noon on Friday of the preceding week. Etc.

In other words, they made it slightly more convenient than in the olden days, when they counted 48 hours before the time of your exam; now it's just by noon two business days before your test, no matter what time it starts.


  1. What do you do if you want to reschedule and you are within the 2 day window? Do you just not show up and reschedule new time?

  2. Hi, Armvog

    I'm not sure it matters what you do.
    Try to re-schedule online. If the system prevents you from doing so, call the local testing center.