Monday, November 16, 2009

Get the Series 66 Done in 2009

Many people taking the Series 7 will also have to take the Series 66 exam. Usually, the tests are taken in that order, but you might want to consider getting the Series 66 exam done in 2009, even if you have to put the Series 7 on the back burner to make it happen.


The Series 66 exam is changing. The old 80/20 split between regulatory concerns and investing concerns is changing to 50/50. The test is adding questions on derivatives (options, futures, forwards), hedge funds, statistics (mean, median, mode), annuities, insurance, retirement plans, Efficient Market Theory, and a handful of other exciting topics.

Will the test be easier or harder starting in January?
Nobody knows, but nobody has ever seen these tests get any easier. The regulators feel that they protect investors by flunking a certain percentage of test takers, and we will never convince them otherwise.

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