Thursday, March 14, 2013


The CBOE is rolling out some new "mini-options" allowing investors to buy contracts that cover just TEN shares . . . for the really high-per-share-priced stocks including AMZN, APPL, GOOG, SPDR Gold Trust, and the good ole SPDR S&P 500. Ordinary options use a multiplier of 100, of course, but these mini-options use a multiplier of ’10.' The #7 at the end of each stock symbol denotes ‘Mini,' so, the mini-option might look like this: AMZN7 or APPL7. A customer who owns just 40 shares of APPL could now hedge by writing 4 APPL7 mini-options (4 X 10 = 40 shares). Always innovating, this industry. Series 7 Tutoring Available Here

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