Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Suitability of Annuities on Series 7 Exam

If you're trying to make a recommendation concerning annuities in a Series 7 exam question, carefully read the facts to determine the following. First, does this investor want a safe, guaranteed rate of return backed by an insurance company's claims paying ability, or do they seek purchasing power protection/growth? If the former--they need a fixed or indexed annuity. If the latter, they're leaning toward a variable annuity--IF they can handle the risks of the stock and bond markets.
Now, when do they need the money to start coming out of the account? If they're at retirement age now, they need the money immediately--they want an immediate fixed, immediate indexed, or immediate variable annuity. If retirement is a long way off, and they won't have to touch this money for 10 years or more--they want a deferred fixed, deferred indexed, or deferred variable annuity.
Those are really the only big considerations. Do you want an insurance product or a securities product? Fixed and indexed annuities are insurance products. They buy a lot of sleep but don't provide much return. Variable annuities offer more upside and purchasing power protection, but the money is not really safe here. Then, when do you want to start taking withdrawals? Now--immediate annuity. Later--deferred annuity. Suitability Questions in ExamCram Online


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