Monday, August 1, 2011

Series 7 Practice Exam

Finding high-quality series 7 practice exams is not easy, especially on a budget. But, after the textbook, your practice questions are easily the most important piece of the puzzle. Some companies focus on the quantity of questions--if you do 5,000 questions, you must be ready, even if they're really ony 400 questions and their various alternative versions. Some companies just make the questions "really hard," by writing in opaque language and needlessly confusing the customer. Reminds me of a football coach preparing his team for the big football game by . . . making them carry telephone poles on a hot August afternoon--see the connection?
Me neither.
Most companies have decent practice questions but the weakest explanations we've ever seen. Basically, the "explanation" will say, "the answer is B because A, C, and D are incorrect."
Okay, so what about What's so great about our stuff? We have a large enough batch of questions, a big enough variety, and the best explanations you'll find anywhere--not too short, not too long. The only point on which bigger companies might out-do us is on the look of the interface (millions of $'s can usually buy glossy-looking stuff) and some also track your results and pretend to tell you which "areas" of the test you need more work on. Total gimmick, but it sells. In any case, click the title of this post to get our Pass the 7 ExamCram Online Test Prep and save 12% with this coupon code: webinar.

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