Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good news from the battlefield

While there are no guarantees for people studying the Series 7, I am often amazed by how many people pass the exam, and on their first attempt. Like the customer who just sent me this email:

I have conquered the beast and made it into the coveted fraternity! I am pleased and relieved to say that I passed the 7 this past Saturday in Phoenix. At the break, I had my doubts. All 10 of the additional phantom questions were stacked in the first half. You are right, they are nasty people who write the exam. I am totally convinced that I could not have done it without your weekly webinars, your on demand classes, your practice lessons, your practice exams and your printed material. It took the whole enchilada to "get 'er done." But... WE did it. Thank you!

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