Saturday, January 17, 2009

Using real-world sources to study for your Series 7 exam

If you find yourself feeling frustrated that the exam material has "nothing to do with the real world," you might enjoy visiting some "real world" sources such as,,,, and,,, and

If you're studying for the Series 7, and can help you take your understanding of municipal securities to a much higher level. Use the MSRB's glossary to study. I suggest typing in vocabulary words that pop up in practice questions and the textbook to see how the so-called "real world" regulators define terms such as "general obligation," or "broker's broker."

At you can find (after many clicks) the outline to your exam. You can also download the recent enforcement actions taken against firms, principals, and agents over violations of NASD/FINRA/SEC rules and securities laws.


  1. A wholesaler gave me this website address: great for plugging in words or subjects that you need to research or just want quick clarification on.

  2. You're exactly right. It's good to see definitions of terms from many perspectives. I recommend that people use for plugging in vocabulary terms. Thanks.